# Foolproof tips to plant succulents!

Spring has sprung and hopefully the weather in the northeast is going to take a turn and get sunny.  This had me thinking about something I believe is becoming more popular over the years.  Succulents!  I love them!  They are super easy to care for.  So if you do not have a green thumb your should still be able to have these in your planters this year.  I have 2 tricks to keeping your succulents alive!


Tips #1

Loose, fast-draining soil!

This soil works well from Home Depot or you could most likely get it where they sell Miracle grow potting soils.  Call to check before you make the trip though.



Tip #2

Don’t hardly water them!  I mean that just when you think you should water them wait a few days or even a week and then water them.  They do not need to be watered often.


The only thing left to show you is these fun planters you can use to plant them in!


belgian way rustic glass metal vase


Happy Planting!